29th June 2024


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It's not over till it's over. After the last show in Dielsdorf, we'll be heading straight to Kaufleuten to keep the rave going at the official Horse Park Festival 2024 afterparty. You'll be treated to even more unmatched sound & energy from international and local artists, keeping you dancing till the sun comes up! Tickets are now on sale.

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It's not over until it's over

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28. Juni 2024


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It's not over until it's over. And at Horse Park weekend, that won't be for quite some time. Because when the show's over in Dielsdorf, when the last tune has been played and the last step has been danced, the rave goes on at Zurich's infamous Kaufleuten club with the official Horse Park Festival 2024 afterparty.

So if you still haven't had enough after two days of Horse Park madness, you are cordially invited to muster whatever energy you have left, head to Zurich's Pelikanstrasse on the double and keep on going with a whole club full of like-minded people into the early morning hours.

Of course, we've made sure to provide the perfect music for the occasion, too. If we rave, we rave hard. That's why we've invited the GOLFOS to join us at Kaufleuten for naughty seconds after blowing up the Field Stage at Horse Park Festival. They'll be treating you to another 3 hours of their unmatched energy and vibes and will be joined by Alex Kennon, a close friend of the Terrazzza family, who'll be performing on the Field Stage that day as well. The trio infernale is supported by our local heroes July and Mic Drive, adding some home town flavor for good measure.

And to top it all off, we'll be serving up even more local treats on the second floor, too: In the courtyard, Ardour, Maks and Tom Neeracher will keep you dancing until the sun comes up.

Tickets for the after party are available here and, as always, if you've got a Saturday or 2-Day wristband, you'll enjoy a discount at the door. 



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